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About me

Hello! Here you can find some stuff about me and somethings that i think can be interesting, made by me or not.

My name is Sandro Maffiodo. I was born in Italy in the year 1981 and i live in a small town near Torino. I studied Graphical Arts at ITIS G.B.Bodoni and Information Technology at University of Studies of Torino. From 2012 i am working for BETACOM S.R.L.. Mostly i am a software architect, software analyst, software developer, team leader, project manager. I love retrocomputing, electronics, computers, arts, music and wood crafting. I hope that here you may find something usefull or fun to read.

This website is LYNX/W3M friendly, so, if you are all alone in the dark, inside a remote SSH session, connected to a machine that does not have a graphical interface, you can open this website and read something. Or, if you own an old machine, like an Amiga 500, an old IBM 386 or an ancient Macintosh, you can use LYNX (or W3M) to open this page, without any problems ;-)

here you can download my curriculum vitae. Clicking here you can toggle the NERD MODE and see this webpage in a more NORMAL WAY :-D

Here there are some of my projects: