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1981 The Game


This is a SciFi text game, written by me. A text game is like the old "Libro Game" that i read in my childhood (80s). You can read the story and choose how the story must continue.

1981 is short, you can complete the story in 15 minutes but warning: there are more than one ending!! :-)

Here you can play 1981 The Game. NOTE: The game is written in italian! There is no translation in any other languages!

1981 was written in Javascript, PHP and CSS3!

I am planning to upgrade the 1981 website to be Responsive and Mobile Friendly but i don't know when i can do this.. in the future, sure.

Some years ago i have started to porting this game to an Arduino projects... but i never complete the project.. yet!

This game was originally published on the ASSEZETA.COM website, created by me and my old friend Marco Baudino.


A little platform game programmed in Javascript. This was the origin for the development of my future IOCCC Super Mario Bros Platform Engine. All the graphics (in pixelart) and sounds are created by me. This game has also a simple Level Editor i have used to design all levels of the game.


This game was originally hosted on ASSEZETA.COM, years ago.

Here you can open the MINICHIP Homepage.

Following are some of the sprites used inside the game:





Have FUN!