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VGAXUA VGA library for Arduino UNO and MEGA

A new variant of VGAX library has born! VGAXUA is an alternative version of VGAX that can generate a VGA signal with a resolution of 192x80px with 2 colors. On Arduino MEGA resolution can be increased to 200x240px!

vgaxua-screen-1 vgaxua-screen-2

Check out the full documentation on my GitHub VGAXUA page

Two videos from YouTube: VGAXUA on Arduino UNO VGAXUA on Arduino MEGA

This library merge some ideas from ESPVGAX (my VGA library for ESP8266). In fact VGAXUA support extended colors toggling two PINS while generating horizontal lines. In theory is possible to control these PINS differently for each different horizontal lines but, for now, the code is limited to toggle these BITS one time for each frame.

These are the colors combinations that can be achived using VGAXUA:


Now i am planning to work on a VGA signal generator that does not rely on a full framebuffer... it's a SPRITE based library!! Coming soon on The Internet :D

Happy hacking, Nerds!